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    Dick Daniels-Marbled Godwit

    Field of dreams

    Want some good news about agriculture and conservation getting along? Check out an exciting new program called “BirdReturns,” which has rice farmers and migrating shore birds working toward the same goal.

    Sydney the emu

    The egg of peace

    This is Sydney, a 13-year-old rescued emu at Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary in Norton, Mass., as he sits on his “egg.” He’s not having an identity crisis—wild male emus (Australia’s largest bird) do most of the egg incubating. But he is having, maybe, an egg identification crisis…

    Vicki at Cradle Mountain

    A vaccine to save devils?

    Finally, there might be a breakthrough in the effort to save Tasmanian devils. The beautiful and much maligned marsupials have been dying of a strange and contagious cancer—called devil facial tumor disease…